WTF Bottom

WTF is this? Probably just a single solitary, distressed and distraught bottom of dubious origin, although occasionally you might see two of these degenerates together. You can pick your labeled size and we’ll send you crap of at least the original value. Strictly for the gamblers, this is high risk endeavor, no returns.

Out of Stock

Just what is in the WTF Bottom? We can’t really say except that you should have low expectations. These might be hemmed or hawed, decayed or destroyed, genetically mutated or just straight up crotchless. We can say that there will be some sort of object designed to be worn on the bottom half of your body and in sanitary condition, so your best bet is to expect a bunch of deconstructed chaps and kilts. The two things we can guarantee is that they will have the ​*labeled size*​ that you pick and that the ​*original*​ value of the items will be at least what we are selling the pack for. Of course the original value is not the same as the current value, nor is the labeled size a guarantee that it will actually fit like it’s labeled so the safe thing to assume is that the current value is nothing, the items in the pack are useless and that we are ripping you off.

This is not a deal for whiners and complainers, there are absolutely no returns or exchanges, so don’t buy this pack unless you are comfortable taking a risk. You also should not get distracted by anyone you might see on social media claiming to have gotten some amazing golden ticket pack. There may be a rare winner, but this game is like a casino, where the odds are stacked heavily in the house’s favor. So gamble at your own risk and discretion please.