Outlier is iconic clothing pushed to its most empowering forms. Simple shapes radically reconstructed to create garments that let you do more while owning less. The goal is to transcend functionality, to open up the possibility space, allowing you to move comfortably and confidently through the widest range of social and physical situations. What you put on in the morning should never constrain what you do with your day.

Genuine newness never emerges from the obvious—it emerges from taking real risks and exploring the dark, obscure corners of culture. While our core products are often simple twists on familiar forms, we are devoted to constant experimentation with far wilder and stranger forces. Not every experiment succeeds, but the ones that do ultimately drive the knowledge that allows us to continually improve our core products. New experiments drop nearly every Tuesday at 1pm New York time; check this website, the r/outlier subreddit  and @outlier on Instagram to keep up.

To make the best objects you need to start with the best materials. At Outlier we hunt the globe over for the material difference, the absolute best fabrics, hardware and trims to build our clothing. The materials are what set us apart from the bullshit brands. From the finest single-origin merinos to radical new synthetic developments and intimate hybrids of nature and technology, we insist on the best materials for the job to be done. And if we can’t find what we need out in the world already, we partner with suppliers, developing brand new superior materials to introduce to the world.


"These are the best, period. They’re insanely durable. We won’t bore you with all the various names of proprietary fabrics Outlier touts and simply tell you: this shit lasts. They're cut to be comfortable on the bike and water resistant, but the durability is the main thing. I’ve owned multiple pairs of Outlier pants over the last five years and they’re all still intact. Whereas my beloved selvage jeans have had the crotch re-patched multiple times—because it blew out from regular bike commuting."


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