Hood up, face down, Grid Linen Bathrobe.

Grid Linen Bathrobe

Long story short, we loved our Grid Linen Towel so much we decided to sew up a robe out of it. Light and quick drying with the strength and softness of linen. It packs down to a size much less invasive than those fat, fluffy terry cloth robes you should probably be charging rent.

Two deep pockets, a full coverage hood, and a simple waist sash. Keeps you comfortable when you step out of a hot shower into a cold living room and looks good enough to walk out to meet your delivery guy (or sit by the hotel pool) without shame.

Linen absorbs moisture while staying dry to the touch. We chose a three dimensional box weave structure that maximizes the surface area of the linen so it’ll absorb moisture more quickly and more thoroughly. Throw it on after a shower or swim and don't worry about feeling soggy or damp.

While linen is one of nature’s strongest fibers, it has an amazing ability to soften with time and use. The more love you give your linen, the more you’ll love it.
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Flat Front image of the Grid Linen Bathrobe.
Full fit shot of Joshua wearing the Grid Linen Bathrobe in Gray Rock.
Grid Linen Bathrobe pocket detail.
Pulling the Grid Linen Bathrobe hood up.