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Bulk Buy Eligible

Bulk Buy Eligible



Only products clearly noted as "Bulk buy eligible" are eligible for the bulk buy pricing.

When five (5) or more bulk buy eligible products are being purchased within a single order the price of all eligible items is automatically reduced by 15% during checkout.

They don’t need to be the same product, you can mix and match! The key thing to remember is that only products labeled “Bulk buy eligible” count toward reaching the five item threshold and the price adjustment only applies towards bulk buy eligible products.

Returning or exchanging ANY products bought with a bulk buy eligible price reduction voids the ENTIRE price reduction. The amount refunded to you will be calculated based on the full non-bulk price of the items you keep.

Bulk buy eligible products can NOT, under any circumstances, be applied across multiple smaller orders.

We reserve the right to ban for life any customer who appears to be trying to gamify the system or otherwise use it in bad faith. We also reserve the right to ban for life any customer who asks us to apply bulk prices across multiple orders, the whole point of a bulk buy is to consolidate things into one order!

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