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Alpha 60 is a midweight insulation characterized by its extreme breathability, an absolute essential when trying to create warmth without overheating. Designed by Polartec for US Special Forces to use in cold wet conditions, it is a knit insulation created by splicing a spacer mesh into two faces. The result is a particular combination of warmth and openness but most importantly it is a non-migrating insulation, which means it can be paired with far more open face and lining fabrics than most traditional insulations. 

For the Alpha60core setup we combine Alpha 60 with a 170gsm top capped, 17.5 micron nylon-core merino lining. Merino is nature's finest performance fabric, characterized by its ability to suck up humidity creating drier microclimates around the body. It also has a wider thermal comfort range than almost any other fiber, retains its insulation capabilities when wet and resists odors exceptionally well. The nylon core of the yarn adds strength, allowing it to be used as a liner. 

The combination of the nylon core merino and Alpha 60 provides an excellent dryness and mid level insulation while still allowing lots of air flow away from the body. We find this combination pairs with a wide range of face fabrics making for wide range of exceptional midlayer and light outer layer insulation pieces.

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