State of Emergency Return Policy

New York City and New York State are both in states of emergency due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently operating in work-from-home mode and unfortunately can not accept or process any returns at this time. Our return window will be extended by the length of time that we remain in this situation. Standard items purchased after January 27, 2020 and Experiments purchased after February 27, 2020 will still be eligible for returns once we are capable of processing them again. Please check back here and on our social media channels found on this page for further updates as things progress.

Standard Return Policy (On pause during the current state of emergency)

Masks are not returnable or refundable due to sanitary reasons.

We want you to try on and test our clothes freely without stress or worry. All items purchased on our site, unless clearly named “Experiment” or noted otherwise, can be returned for any reason for up to 45 days after purchase. Return shipping in the US is free, return shipping internationally unfortunately is not. Just make sure the items are clean! We reserve the right to reject returns that smell or are otherwise unsanitary.

Experimental items (all products where the name starts with “Experiment”) involve much higher risk and have a tighter return policy. All experimental items purchased on our site can be returned for up to 15 days after purchase and are subject to a $20 per product restocking/sightseeing fee. Return shipping in the US is still free.


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    Our Philosophy

    We want to build the future of clothing.

    Clothing should be liberating. What you put on in the morning should never restrict what you do with your day. We make garments that evolve around the boundaries of fashion using a function driven design process and high quality technical fabrics.

    The world does not need more design; it needs less. As designers we must wake up to this challenge every day if we wish to truly create objects worth creating. Honesty, experimentation, and a commitment to learning from history are our best tools.

    One well considered object can take the place of many cheaply made ones. We think the traditional fashion system is flawed and that it is possible to create higher quality garments at better prices by rethinking traditional cycles of development, production and distribution.

    Profit should never be the reason a company exists. Businesses need money the same way humans need water. It is essential to function, but the less we need to think about it the better off we are. A healthy organization creates value that extends far beyond money and into all points of its operation; from suppliers to employees and from customers into communities.

    Outlier began with one particularly elusive value: an intense feeling of exhilaration and liberation that comes from riding in the city. With Outlier we want to take that feeling and bring it everywhere we travel.

    Our garments are built to perform better every day. Our first product was a pair of pants designed around bike commuting. An item designed to extend the freedom of a cyclist into the broadest range of possibilities. We still make a version of those OG Pants but we rapidly evolved into something more dynamic, a company that makes innovative and good looking clothing to improve the way you move through this world.

    With any luck we'll soon evolve even further, but regardless of where we end up we never could have done it without the support of an incredible network of customers, suppliers, and friends. More than anything our goal is to build Outlier into a company worthy of your respect. One step at a time we move into the future.

    -Abe Burmeister & Tyler Clemens


    Anii wearing Outlier's original garment, the OG Pants. (c.2008)

    Outlier was born in the Spring of 2008, in Brooklyn, NY, when a barista named Jenni Bryant realized two of her regular customers needed to meet. Abe Burmeister had been experimenting with making a better pair of pants for his bike commute while Tyler Clemens had been doing the same thing with shirts. They quickly realized they were trying to solve nearly identical problems and in June of 2008 Outlier was incorporated.

    The name itself dates back to 2007 and Abe's earlier attempts to turn his pants into reality. The black swan logo came naturally as it is symbolic of an outlier. Abe's pants were a bit further along than Tyler's shirts so they became Outlier's original garment, the OG Pants (pictured left). Between the two of them they shared just a years worth of experience in the clothing world; Abe had been an animator and graphic designer while Tyler had worked in media and a record store before a brief stint working with a shirtmaker. What they did have was New York City's Garment District, where they learned to make clothes the hard way.

    In November of 2008, in the midst of a global economic catastrophe, Abe and Tyler publicly launched the OG Pants on their website and Outlier was in business. The first sale came from Australia, and Outlier has been online based ever since, shipping worldwide from Brooklyn. They continued experimenting, iterating, and refining; developing more products built around the idea of using world class technical fabrics to bring menswear (and womenswear!) traditions into the 21st century.

    Outlier grew rapidly through 2009 and Tyler soon was able to quit his day job. By the end of the year they had their first full time employee, and by 2010 Abe was able to drop his remaining freelance gigs and join full time as well. In June Outlier moved their offices out of Tyler's living room and into a loft space on the edge of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That studio is a lot more crowded now, but it remains a space where clothing is torn apart, reconsidered and iterated on in a continual pursuit of an impossible perfection.

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    Assistant Designer
    We are looking for a detail oriented assistant designer to provide creative and practical support in all aspects of the design and development process. This person will play a critical role in turning design concepts into fully-realized, production-ready samples with a development history and timeline that is easily traceable and well-documented for internal reference among cross-functional teams. This position will report directly to the Design Director.


    -Create and actively manage project bases for all apparel products across multiple virtual data management tools (AirTable, DropBox).
    -Issue sample cut tickets and liaise with domestic factory/sample room managers to ensure timely delivery of samples.
    -Translate physical apparel products into exceptionally thorough and accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) to be shared with Procurement and Production teams.
    -Take clear written and visual documentation of all fitting sessions, making revisions to product sketches and design packages as needed.
    -Take and record measurements for all development samples.
    -Attend all weekly design review meetings.
    -Research into design themes, garment construction and color stories as directed.
    -Sample labelling, organization, maintenance and archive upkeep.
    -Pulling and re-filing of material headers and color references/swatches from internal libraries.
    -Occasional prep and on-set assistance with e-commerce and editorial photoshoots.
    -In the absence of a designer, assistant designer will act as key contact person for all apparel product knowledge.

    -Strong verbal, written and visual communication skills. Organized communication is paramount.
    -1-3 years fashion design experience preferred; strong life experience and portfolio required.
    -Experience with domestic sampling and/or production highly preferred.
    -Basic knowledge of pattern making and garment construction, fabric construction, trims.
    -Highly competent in Adobe Illustrator.
    -Must be comfortable switching between autonomous and collaborative modes of thinking; equally comfortable taking direction and working independently.
    -Must be adaptable and self-motivated when presented with situations that do not have clearly defined, actionable next steps.
    -A deep appreciation for, and curiosity of, materials and apparel is crucial.
    -A balanced sense of urgency regarding the product development cycle.
    -This job involves regular (often daily) travel between our Williamsburg studio and Garment District factories, sample and cutting rooms, and may include domestic and international travel as required.

    This position is full time and on-site in NYC.

    Please email with your resume and details of your qualifications if you are interested. Applicants for this position must send digital portfolios as well.

    Local Production Coordinator
    We’re looking for someone to work on our local New City Garment District production.

    This person must be detail oriented, a fast learner and clear communicator who favors simplicity over complexity. Experience in the New York Garment District is a big plus but equivalent life experience in similarly chaotic environments is good too.

    Required Skills/Experience:

    -A passion for making garments
    -Garment district or other apparel production experience
    -Knowledge of garment specification and grading
    -Ability to understand, read and work with garment patterns a plus
    -An understanding of the production process from sampling and materials management through to quality control and finished production
    -Production management BA or another relevant degree is a plus but not required

    The job requires spending a lot of time in the New York Garment District and managing the flow of garments. Responsibilities revolve around all aspects of the garments we produce including sampling, organization and receiving of materials, monitoring production progress, communicating with factories and resolving issues, extreme levels of quality control, measuring and specing, packaging and local logistics.

    If you have the relevant experience and are looking to learn more, please apply to

    All positions are full time and on-site in NYC only unless otherwise noted.

    Please email with your resume and details of your qualifications if you are interested. Applicants for design positions must submit digital portfolios as well.


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