Grid Linen Towel - Fit

Grid Linen Towel

The best damn beach towel around. 100% linen in a dimensional grid weave. A towel that dries better, weighs less and packs so compact that you can use it most anywhere, from beach to backcountry and of course in your bathroom.
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All we really wanted was a damn good towel. On one side we found fat, fluffy cotton towels that were way too big to travel with and filled with sand at the beach. On the flip we found microfiber sport towels that were remarkably compact, but managed to hold odors in a way unbecoming of an object of any size. As is often the case we thought: there has got to be a better way.
As much as we love high tech fabrics, here at Outlier we start our searches in the history books. We found a surprising answer in the form of linen. Linen has the remarkable ability to absorb moisture while remaining dry to the touch. It is also one of nature's strongest fibers; it gets softer and softer over time and when treated properly can be handed down through generations. We zeroed in on a box weave structure that maximizes the surface area of all the beautiful linen fibers while providing a subtle massaging handfeel. All this results in a towel that is bigger yet lighter, while absorbing moisture better and drying faster than cotton.
One of our favorite aspects of linen is how well it performs at the beach. It tosses off sand so you stay clean, and because it's lighter and more compact it unfolds into a bigger beach blanket than you'd expect. Truth is, it makes for a better towel in a whole lot of places. It's lightweight and quick drying enough to hike with, and it feels so good on the skin that you'll probably want to use it after your shower just about every day.
Grid Linen Towel - Macro
Grid Linen Towel - Fit
Grid Linen Towel - All Colors Macro
Grid Linen Towel - Fit
Sheds Sand and Dries Quick
Linen makes for the best beach towels for a lot of reasons, but our favorite is probably how well they shed sand. No more of that gritty sand trapped in the terry cloth, and no need to bring a separate blanket. A quick flick of a linen towel should leave it sand free and good to use. Plus it dries faster than cotton so it's easier to pack up or reuse too.
Grid Linen Towel - Layout
Lightweight and Packs Compact
Because linen both absorbs more than cotton and also retains its strength when wet, you can make a towel that is both far thinner and more open in structure. That makes for a much lighter towel that can be rolled up compactly for super easy carry. Your towel shouldn't weigh you down!
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Expands Full Size
Compact only goes so far, at some point you need to expand the towel and use it! These are not some stinky skimpy synthetic swim towels, these are full size, naturally odor resistant, pure linen towels that work great as both beach blankets and for drying off properly.
Grid Linen Towel - Macro