Ultrafine Cut Two + Supermarine 3Bar Cap

Ultrafine Cut Two + Supermarine 3Bar Cap

Nature's finest pairing. 100% pure New Zealand merino performance in our high neck, broad shouldered Cut Two t-shirt. 100% pure Supima cotton high density, highly water resistant Supermarine in a highly adjustable 3Bar cap. Together for $160.

Ultrafine Merino Cut Two T-Shirt A near perfect t-shirt made with a Mackenzie 17.5 micron merino jersey, nature’s finest performance fabric. Beautifully soft and remarkably dry to the touch, merino's hygroscopic properties help cool you in the heat and insulate you in the cool. Cut Two is our new cut, squared out with broad-shoulders and a high neck.

Supermarine 3Bar Cap A Supermarine cap with a 3Bar K-Back adjustment in the back. The Supermarine cotton fabric is dense and highly water resistant but breathable. The mil style six panel cap has a curved brim and is squatchee-free. The K-Back allows for a wide ranging and secure fit and can be adjusted one handed.
Ultrafine Merino Cut Two T-Shirt
Supermarine 3Bar Cap
Regular price $160.00