Mackenzie 180 Merino Jersey
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Mackenzie 180 Merino Jersey

Mackenzie 180 Merino Jersey


A slightly lighter, 180gsm version of our Mackenzie 17.5 Micron Merino Jersey used in our Ultrafine T-Shirts.

This is a pandemic special of sorts, a variant much better than delta. As COVID spread across Thailand our fabric mill moved some of our production to a sister facility and a little bit of mutating occurred. This fabric is made from the exact same 17.5 micron top-capped, tight spectrum merino yarns sourced exclusively from New Zealand's Mackenzie range. In other words this is made from some exquisitely soft and fully traceable merino.

However because it was knit in a different facility and on different machines it turned out a bit lighter than our usual Mackenzie specs, averaging 180gsm rather than 195gsm.

Because it's made with the same beautiful yarns its still an incredibly beautiful fabric, just a bit lighter than we usually use. For some people this might even be for the best, but we're not the type of company to cut the weight on a running product so we're selling it under a different name with a more aggressive price. Enjoy it while it lasts because this is some damn good merino!

Top Capped & Tight Spectrum

Merino is measured in microns, the smaller the number the finer the fiber and the softer the hand feel (and the higher the price). But until now this number was actually an average, a mixture of different micron fibers that averaged out to the reported value, meaning half the fibers actually are thicker than the rating. Global Merino's Mackenzie Blend is top capped, so the number indicates not the average but the absolute maximum thickness that can be included in the blend.

It is also a tight spectrum blend, meaning that there is a very low variance of fiber thickness allowed in the mix. This creates a more stable and predictable fabric with an exceptional hand feel.

AsureQuality Traceable

All the merino used in these t-shirts is fully audited and certified by AsureQuality to ensure a pristine supply chain. The fibers can be traced back to the farm (the majority of which are currently in the Mackenzie Basin of New Zealand, hence the fabric name). Global Merino is in direct contact with the growers and only non-mulesed fleece wool is used to create a yarn that's better for everyone from sheep to farmer, from spinner to knitter and from us to you.

Nature's Finest Performance Fabric

We've been calling merino "nature's finest performance fabric" for so long other brands have started copying us verbatim. It's all good though, because it's not a tag line it is a statement of fact, especially when talking about the superfine and superwashed type of merino we like to use. Merino has an incredible dry hand feel because it's surface repels water while it simultaneously pull moisture into it's core, creating a dry body climate. This cools you in the heat and insulates you in the cool, allowing you to wear it further and farther in comfort.

In addition it is naturally bacteriostatic creating a cleaner fabric that resists odor, allowing for longer use times. We could go on too, it's UV resistant, naturally springy, and phase changes at just above body temperature for extra cooling effects. But ultimately the real way to know the beauty of fine merino is to wear it.

180 gsm 100% Pure Merino

This is the raw, uncut good shit, precisely calibrated to make the best possible t-shirt. The 2-ply, 17.5 micron merino yarns are incredibly soft but at 180 grams per square meter the fabric is durable enough to wear every day. The fabric is a substantive mid weight for a t-shirt, wearable in the widest range of common temperatures. But it's also the lightest weight we are willing to use for a 100% pure merino knit, as it needs the weight and structure to drape properly. All this nets out to a near perfect t-shirt fabric that many of us wear almost every day of our lives.