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Outlier - Ultrafine (image)
Outlier - Ultrafine (image)
A near perfect t-shirt made with a Mackenzie 17.5 micron Merino Jersey, nature's finest performance fabric. Beautifully soft and remarkably dry to the touch, merino's hygroscopic properties help cool you in the heat and insulate you in the cool.
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The Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt is the core Outlier tee that we’ve been making for ten years now. Merino is quite simply nature’s finest performance fiber, with remarkable abilities to create a dry-body climate for the wearer and to stay comfortable in an extremely wide temperature range. Combined with its natural odor resistance, it makes an absolutely incredible t-shirt for both daily wear and extensive travel. The Ultrafine uses a carefully sourced and tightly specified 17.5 micron merino in a substantive 195gsm weight to create a better everyday t-shirt.
Runweight Merino T-Shirt →
Outlier - Runweight (image)
Outlier - Runweight (image)
Runweight Merino T-Shirt
Lightweight and high-performance merino. 17.5 micron merino intimately blended with a thermobuffering and wicking poly, to create a lighter (150gsm) and drier merino t-shirt for high exertion and hot weather use.
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The Runweight Merino T-Shirt is the dry performance champion, ready for you to get sweaty in. Beautiful and soft 17.5 micron merino is intimately blended with a thermobuffering polyester to create a superior workout fabric. The merino absorbs moisture and fights odor, while the poly wicks moisture away keeping things lightweight and dry. The two combine to make a much lighter merino fabric than we are comfortable making with the pure stuff, so this is the best choice not only for the gym and playing sports but also for people who just want merino in an airy summer weight.
Ramielust T-shirt →
Outlier - Ramielust T-shirt (image)
Outlier - Ramielust T-shirt (image)
Ramielust T-shirt
The cheat code for hot and humid. A cool and dry ramie t-shirt with a breezy openness that makes this a summer essential.

The Ramielust T-Shirt is the cheat code for the hot and humid, with the emphasis on beating the humidity. Ramie is remarkably good at absorbing moisture while staying dry. It's also quite cooling and knits up into very open structures that maximize air flow. This all combines into something a bit like an air conditioner you can wear. Its only weakness is that it handles odor like cotton does, so requires regular washing. If you hate the humidity, we recommend stacking up on these tees to get through the summer.

Outlier - Gostwyck (image)
Outlier - Gostwyck (image)
A simple straight cut t-shirt cut in a softly stunning 15.5 micron single origin merino from Gostwyck in New South Wales, Australia. Expected Tuesday, October 22nd. $148
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The Gostwyck Single Origin Merino T-Shirt is the zero compromise merino connoisseur’s choice. At 15.5 micron it is incredibly fine, and at 205gsm it’s a robust fabric with an amazing handfeel. There is quite simply almost no other merino like this and we only get access to a limited supply. And on top of it all it’s a single origin fiber—all the merino comes from the Gostwyck locality in Australia. Great merino comes from healthy sheep and healthy sheep come from healthy pastures with clean sources of water. It’s this commitment to quality all the way to the roots that we find essential to building a healthier world, so in many ways this model for the way we want all our materials to be treated.